Spring Sod Special - contact us today for an estimate

Calgary Sod & Installation (including topsoil) starting at $1.79 a square foot*.


Book your sod installation before October 15th and receive a 5% discount on your new lawn install. ($1.79 a square foot*)


Book a landscape project with your neighbor and you both save 5%!** Share the costs of fence, gravel, wood chips or other aggregate as well as topsoil delivery, yard grading or excavation, sod installation or even sod delivery.

Sod is only $1.79 /sq. ft. installed*

Terms and Conditions

* Prices include: Sod delivery, sod installation, and topsoil supply and preparation. $1.79 cents per square foot special only applies to projects 1,400 square feet or more. Projects under 1,000 square feet will be quoted on a per project basis.

** Good Neighbor Bonus - "neighbors" must share one common property line to qualify for this bonus.

After Sod Installation
SODJOBS is not responsible for damage caused to new sod due to under-irrigation, over irrigation, physical damage due to neglect, or fertilization, or any other mistreatment upon completion of lawn installation.

Did You Know?

  1. 1. Do you DIY? Want to lay your own sod? Want to construct your own fence or deck? Tackle any landscape project on your own? Need an estimate? Have questions about "How To?" Check out our product pages for tips and pointers. Sodjobs will help out at any stage along the way. Let us know where we fit into your plans.
  2. 2. Sodjobs also offers reliable, accurate delivery of quality sod and construction material for all stages of your project. See our product links for details and tips - or email us with your questions.
  3. 3. Need an excavator but don't think the regular bobcat will fit through your gate? Meet the Ditch Witch SK 350. A lightweight, residential, excavator at a mere 36" wide... the SK 350 can dig postholes, grade topsoil, spread gravel and other aggregate in places most regular bobcats and skidsteers just can't go.