Testimonials from Fence, Deck, and Garage Construction Customers

Deck Construction
"The Calgary Fences team built me a quality deck in promised time at a reasonable price. They even put extra support on the deck for my hot tub at no additional charge."
 - Chris Henderson, Copperfield, Calgary

Fence Construction
"Straight and beautiful. That is what our Calgary Fence looks like. Calgary Fences is a very professional company and we are going to get them to build out deck next year."
 - Lilla and Dennis Lynch, Evanston, Calgary

Garage Insulation
"The Calgary Fence team insulated my garage with precision and accuracy. Too bad it was December and I couldn't get them to build my fence. I know who I will be calling in the spring when I need outside work."
 - Rick Collier, Copperfield, Calgary

Fence Construction
"We had some snags early in our project--weather and some miscommunication--but the Calgary Fences team didn't shy away from the issues and instead solved them in a professional manner leaving me satisfied and with a great fence."
 - Brandon Thomas, Copperfield, Calgary

Fence Construction
"Wow! In one day they removed my existing fence and built me a new one. Thanks guys!"
 - Sally Roenisch, Marda Loop, Calgary

Deck Construction
"When I ran into trouble trying to build my own deck, I enlisted the Calgary Fences team to help me out. Not only did they build me a fantastic Trex deck, but they saved me a huge hassle (not to mention they did way better than I would have done)."
 - Mike Vern, Kincora, Calgary

Fence Construction
"Calgary Fences easily replaced our existing cedar fence with a pretty new one. Professional and friendly they guys build a great fence and have fun at the same time."
 - Tammy Renewan, Crescent Heights, Calgary

Various Projects
"I started with needing a gate, but by the time I was done I had the Calgary Fences crew doing my railing on my deck, insulating my garage and other renos. I can't wait to work with them again."
 - Sally, Evanston, Calgary

Fence Construction
"I didn't realize how much of an eye soar my old fence was until I got Calgary Fences to build us a nice new one. Good guys, great company, solid fence!"
 - Kevin Weeks, Parkland, Calgary

Fence Construction
"When I develop infills I sell my homes to executive level people who demand executive level finishings on their home. My fence by Calgary Fences fits right in with my granite and other high end finishings."
 - Teresa Reddy, Parkdale, Calgary

Fence Construction
"Talk about giving it 120% effort. These guys didn't stop building for nothing, not even rain. Great fence, great company."
 - Salimah Patel, Evergreen, Calgary