Spring Sod Special - contact us today for an estimate

Calgary Sod & Installation (including topsoil) starting at $1.79 a square foot*.


Book your sod installation before October 15th and receive a 5% discount on your new lawn install. ($1.79 a square foot*)


Book a landscape project with your neighbor and you both save 5%!** Share the costs of fence, gravel, wood chips or other aggregate as well as topsoil delivery, yard grading or excavation, sod installation or even sod delivery.

Sod is only $1.79 /sq. ft. installed*

Sod Tips

  1. 1. To ensure a level, professional looking sod installation always spread some fresh screened loam or topsoil throughout the yard and rake smooth. If your yard has weeds or is very uneven some grading or rototilling may be required to turn the soil and prepare the best growing environment for your new sod.
  2. 2. Sodjobs always installs sod in a offset pattern. This reduces the visibility of seams and lines in your new lawn. Sodjobs suggests installing sod in a “left to right” fashion rather than “front to back” based on the most common view points of the yard.
  3. 3. With each installation Sodjobs will apply a starter fertilizer high in phosphorous to stimulate root growth into the new soil.
  4. 4. Once your sod is laid it is important to roll your sod with a water-filled sod roller. This roller does not replace the need to rake and groom the topsoil prior to installation. The roller is used to push the recently cut roots down into the topsoil and pack the topsoil around each root creating secure root positioning.
  5. 5. KEEP OFF THE GRASS! – Walking on new sod can leave unwanted impressions or footprints in your lawn. Avoid traffic as much as possible for the first couple weeks to allow the ground to settle and the roots to begin to take hold.
  6. 6. WATER your new lawn. Water your sod as soon as you finish laying it out and rolling it with the sod roller. (Unless it's already raining!) Your goal is to keep the ground under the sod moist, but not soaking wet. You can check how moist the sod is by lifting a corner of your sod to check for the first couple days. Careful not to overwater. For healthy lawn water enough to fill a Frisbee weekly, grow your lawn to approximately 7cm and mow often.

Terms and Conditions

* Prices include: Sod delivery, sod installation, and topsoil supply and preparation. $1.79 cents per square foot special only applies to projects 1,400 square feet or more. Projects under 1,400 square feet will be quoted on a per project basis.

** Good Neighbor Bonus - "neighbors" must share one common property line to qualify for this bonus.

After Sod Installation
SODJOBS is not responsible for damage caused to new sod due to under-irrigation, over irrigation, physical damage due to neglect, or fertilization, or any other mistreatment upon completion of lawn installation.