Calgary Deck Builders

Congratulations on building a deck. Decks add value and practical use to any home. To the right are a number of different deck designs and materials that you can choose from.

Any deck can have various levels, types of railings, stairs, etc. We encourage you to communicate to us exactly what you want so we can build you the perfect custom deck design.

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Questions when Building a Deck

Before designing your deck we encourage you to ask the following questions:

  1. What is my budget for my deck project?

    The reason budget is important is that decks can vary in price based on material and size. If you have a firm budget it is easier to work backwards from that budget amount so you can have the deck of your dreams. Ways to save money on a deck project are to use with pressure treated spruce (instead of cedar or a composite material), eliminate railings and stairs if possible, and keep the dimensions only to what you require.

  2. What type of material do I want to work with?

    Pressure treated spruce, cedar and composite material are your most popular options for decking. Each comes with pros and cons and varies in price. See below for some pictures of pressure treated, cedar and composite decks.

  3. What design do I want for my deck?

    We will work with you to design the best deck for your space, your budget and your expected use. Most decks can be designed in a few minutes while discussing with your family, but for larger projects we are more than happy to assist. Railings, stairs, decking material and dimensions are the cornerstone of great deck design.

Deck Construction Examples

Pressure Treated Decks
The following is an average pressure treated deck. These decks can be done in any dimension, walk out or no walk out and can be combined with various railing options.
Pressure Treated Deck in Calgary

Cedar Decks
Below is a cedar deck. Cedar is a higher quality wood than spruce and has an orange color to it, especially when stained as in this picture. A cedar deck is more expensive than a pressure treated deck and can also be combined with various railing options. Cedar Deck in Calgary

Composite Decks
Some people like to go with a composite material when building a deck. This deck is built using a trex composite material with aluminum railings. Composite materials can come in various colors and styles and are usually paired with aluminum or glass railings. A trex deck will be more expensive than a wooden deck due to the cost of materials and as a result is very durable and has a unique style. Composite Deck in Calgary